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They are all free now.

When I last went to my grandma's house I caught 33 newborn turtles, (they are very easy to catch when they are young) and I kept 7 of them. Later I let go 4 of the big ones and kept my 3 favorites. I wasn't giving them enough love and attention as I should have so I let them go into a secluded pond with only little fish and no other reptiles. I love them all! This pic is of bug eyed turtle. his lopsided eyes dont show in the pic tho :(

Mississippi map turtle

I love my bug-eyed turtle

  Senior year oh yeahhhhh

Madre is using a digital camera for my pictures so Ican take mucho fotos. woohoo. I love the sun, antiques, and natural landscapes.


funny junk

Nurse camp coming up


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sample pic of senior pix

Im gonna take a lot more until I find a perfect one

kitten gettin revenge on men

sniping out those jokers that killed his family


Updated lately :)