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MASH has very interesting students...


MASH quotes

Quotes from BPCC students in the M*A*S*H program :

"What is a enzyme?!"

" Man, i got a real bad worse ear infection when I was little."

"Me and my friends got a old ambulance and we are gonna paint it hot pink and speed around the parish."

" Ohhhhh man, I went to like this two story dance club in Cancun and they threw me up on the bar table and i danced to 'Everybody in da club gettin tipsy.' I mean I was like the best experience that I have ever had in my entire life!"

" Man I got an ice cream music system, deerstand, and 12 inch speakers on my baby. Momma won't let me take it out da parish though."

Teacher: "What is a disease associated with nephron damage?"

David: "Oh, Oh! Gonnorhea!"

Teacher: "Nope"

David: "Syphillis!"

Me: "So, I used to date a guy who said that Dairy Queen was the place to hang in Coushatta."

David: (seriously taking umbrage) NO! It is Burger King!!!!"

MOST STUPID QUOTE- The professor is talking about albinos-

BW: Albinos have no melanin in their skin.

DC: Oh, so they must tan real easy.






Awww man... I am going to Six Flags in July!!! YESSSS! LAter in the year I will go to Mexico, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Canada (I think) and all sorts of awesome cities! Senior Year rocks!!